From guest to regular account

Guest reviews are meant only for exploration and they are regularly deleted.
If you used the guest account to do some work and want to transfer them to your account, just follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your account and create a new review
  2. Invite the guest user as a reviewer using the email "" to the review you just created
  3. Log in to the guest account
  4. Go to the initial review you created on the guest account
  5. Click on the Copy button, top right
  6. Under "Target review", select  the review you created in your account, for "Conflicting decisions", select "This review wins", keep all boxes checked, and click Copy
  7. Go back to your account and turn off the Blind Mode
  8. Go to your review and wait until all the citations with their decisions and labels have been copied
  9. Now, you need to get rid of the guest collaborator, for that, select all included/excluded citations and include/exclude them yourself (use shift+mouse or shift+arrow down to select in bulk). This step takes a little bit of time to finish. Refresh after ~5mns and if you see all decisions under your name, you can now revoke the invitation to the guest account
  10. et voilà
A bit long but should take you 5~10 minutes.

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